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Custom Orders


No time to paint? Or just don't feel up to it? No problem, we can help! Just choose the pottery piece, one of our many designs (or we can help you come up with a new one), give us all the personal information, and we'll finish it! Your pottery will be ready 2 weeks later.


Need a special gift for your child's teacher, or an auction item? We have tons of different ideas! You pick out the pottery and design, we get it ready for you, you take the pottery and paint to the school and get all the kids fingerprints. Once you bring the piece back in we finish it up! 


Want a special keepsake of your child(ren)? We can help! We will get their hands or feet onto the pottery, then we can finish painting it for you. We can turn their little prints into something cute, or keep it plain and simple! You decide. This is perfect when you have little ones, and no time to do it yourself.


Have a special event coming up? Let us make you a signature platter! They are great for weddings, birthdays, retirement parties and more! Tell us what you want, we will paint it, glaze it and fire it. Once fired we have a special pen you can use to sign the platter. 

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