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Walk-In Glass Fusing!

Walk-In Anytime*! No Appointment Necessary. 

Have a group and want to schedule a class or workshop? CLICK HERE

How It Works:

Pick Your Project


We have many different basic projects for you to choose from.

You can choose to decorate a tile, sun catcher, candle holder, night light, vase, letter, or even a bug! 

Looking for more advanced project options? Book a group workshop! CLICK HERE to see ideas.

Design It


Get creative! We have many different design elements and colors for you to choose from. We also have plenty of samples for you to look at to get ideas.  

We Fuse It


After you're done, we put your artwork in the kiln and fuse it. 

You come back in a week and pick it up. You will be pleasantly suprised by what you created!

Slump it!


We can also slump your piece. After it's fired we put it through the kiln again on a mold. We can make your artwork into dish, vase, candle holder, etc this way. It's wicked awesome! 

*For first time walk-in glass fusers we recommend coming during a non-busy time.

ie During the week days or first thing in the morning during the weekend, and not during vacation weeks/days! 

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