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Paint Your Own Pottery: To-Go!

Want to paint from the comfort of your own home?

No problem, take it on the go!

How It Works:

Pick Out Your Pottery or Project

You can shop ONLINE or stop by the studio to pick out your pottery.

With hundreds of options for you to choose from we're sure you'll find something you love! We have almost anything you can think of. We have plates, mugs, candle holders, picture frames, vases, cookie jars, banks, boxes, figurines, and more!

Wrap It Up


We wrap up your pottery and give you a to-go kit.

Our kits have everything you need to make your masterpiece at home.

If ordering online please allow up to 72 hours for us to package your kit.

Bring it back


After you're done, bring the pottery and paints back in. We will then glaze your artwork and put it in a kiln and fire it. This process makes your pottery glass-like, and completely food safe! In one-two weeks your masterpiece will be ready to pick up. We recomend hand washing your hand painted pottery and keeping it out of the microwave.  

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