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Young'Uns Painting Party Policies


Our goal is for your child to have a fun and memorable birthday party. While fun and art are priorities, safety is also foremost. Therefore, customers planning a party at our studio must be aware of and agree to these policies.


Young'uns Party Package needs to be booked at 10:30AM on a Saturday, or 12:30AM on a Sunday. If you would like to book a party during the week please call the studio. 978-664-5946


Parties are booked for the appropriate amount of time for the option you select. This allows children to choose a pottery piece, paint, studio staff to clean up, and then cake can be served. Unfortunately we do not have a freezer, so we recommend a small cooler for ice cream or anything frozen.


Your party will be set up in the party area and the seating will be appropriate for the number of guests in the party. A party helper will be provided to assist and instruct for the painting experience.


The cost of the party is determined by which party package and the number of guests you have. This package is for children 5 and younger and is $18/painter. This includes one 8" plate for each guest to paint. There is a minimum of 8 painters.

Parties with over 18 children should be held at hours when the studio is closed, since most of our studio will be needed for a group of this size. This can be scheduled to begin at closing time or starting at 10:30 am Sunday mornings. 

Parties of this size need to call to booked through the studio. Please call 978-664-5946


The studio will be open to regular customers during the party. For this reason, we are generally unable to accommodate the parents of party guests. However we do understand that parents of younger guests like to stay with their child. Due to the limited space in our studio only one parent per guest should stay, with a maximum of 12 parents/non-painters. Our studio is small and seating is limited, so we can not guarantee a seat for any non-painters. Other guests that need to stay can do so as long as they are seated at another table and painting during the party. Making this clear in your invitations will generally take care of this issue, however there will be a $5/person charge added for any non-painting guests over the allotted 12.


Parties generally work very well and without incident. Occasionally, very active children find it difficult to remain seated. Since the pottery is breakable and we generally have custom pieces in process, it is unacceptable to have children running through the studio. Our staff will try to control this, but it will be up to the party parents to ultimately discourage this type of behavior. We will have to charge you for any broken items due to uncontrolled children. We also ask that if you do bring party favors, no noise makers are included for the sake of our other studio customers.


All pieces from the party will be wrapped and boxes together. The party parents are responsible for picking up all party pieces. Individual pick up is not available for birthday parties.  

There is a $50 deposit to reserve your party. We require a one week notice for any changes to the time or date. We require a 72 hour notice for any cancellation to receive store credit. Unfortunately we can not give refunds.

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