Set of 10 shape stickers. 2 of each heart, star, peace sign, butterfly and flower. 

Great to use to create shapes on pottery. Place down before you paint. Make sure it is stuck down well, otherwise paint will seep under. 

Only use provided stickers. Other stickers may leave a residue and ruin your pottery. 

Set of Basic Vinyl Stickers

  • Only specific vinyl stickers should be used on dry unpainted bisque as different glues can leave residues and undesirable fired results. Our stickers are designed to not leave a residue. Stickers should be used and peeled off in one painting session. Do not leave stickers on to dry under glaze as it will be difficult to peel off. Do not let stickers sit on pottery in a hot area as glue can permanently melt to bisque. Stickers do not stick to damp painted pottery. All stickers must be removed prior to firing pottery.