Your super cute Winter Fun tote includes a figurine of your choice. Select from our adorable gingerbread man, snowman, or reindeer figure ( or choose your favorite party animal figurine). Tote includes all materials for your project (figure, paints, brush) and tons of other goodies including: candy cane, stamp, easer, chocolate, pencil, and coloring book. What a perfect and easy gift!

Winter Fun Tote

Acrylic or Pottery Glaze?
  •  Pottery must be returned to be glazed and fired. (firing generally takes 1-2 weeks)
    Please only use pottery glazes provided to paint with. Do not use acrylic paint, markers, pencils etc.
    After painting call or e-mail to set up a time to drop off your piece(s) to be fired.
    After firing dinnerware pieces are food safe

  • Click HERE to see all of our color choices.