Summer Art Program! 

Looking for something fun for the kiddos to do this summer? 

Sign them up for our online interactive summer art program! 

Morning, Afternoon or Full Day options available. 

We also have to-go project packs available

to purchase that you can do at your leisure.

Packs include 5 projects in different mediums. 

Individual packages coming soon.

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Optional Online independent study with guidance

MONDAY-FRIDAY | 1:30-4:30

Recommended age 8+, younger children are welcome to participate,

but will need guidance from an adult or older sibling.

Choose your own projects from a variety of choices

A different project and medium each day.


We will have a variety of different projects for you to choose from.

You will choose one project for each medium/day.

This class will run as an independent study with a socialized aspect and check in.

Each day we will have a zoom call from 1:30-2 to go over general instructions/ guidance.

Then the kids will be able to create independently for 2 hours.

We will have another zoom call from 4-4:30 to chat and see how the projects came out. 

                 Just want to do your own thing?                

        You can still sign-up and get 5 projects to-go!        

     During registration, you can choose to opt-out of live online instruction.    

Can't commit to a full week of projects?

Click HERE for Individual Projects & Pricing*

*Individual projects do not include live check-ins

Choose 1 project for each day/medium type (5 total)


Monday: Air Dry Clay ($36 individually)

1. Gnome Clay
2. Cactus Clay
3. Turtle Clay
4. Emoji Plaque
5. Mermaid Plaque Clay
6. Owl Clay
7. Big Mouth Creature
8. Monster Pencil Cup Clay
9. Little dudes Clay
10. Two Ice Cream Cone Catch Alls
11. Cupcake
12. Eat Dessert First Clay
13. Fairy Door
14. Sunflower Bird Feeder
15. HP 9 3/4 Plaque
16 Unicorn Ring Holder
17. Mermaid Jewelry Holder
18. Shell Catch-All
19. Animal Plaque
20. Llama Plaque Clay
21. Emoji Box
22. Pig in Mud
23. Mini Organizer
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Tuesday: Pottery Painting ($35-50 individually)

1. Popsicle Plate
2. Sea Pail
3. Bubbled Splash Bowl
4. Bubbled Whale Plate
5. Sea Pennant Banner
6. Bubbled Beach Plaque
7. Summer Countdown Plaque
8. Sea Frame
9. Bubbled Mermaid Plate
10. Bubbled Narwhal Plate
11. Tastes Like Summer Plate
12. Fruit Slice Plate
13. Watermelon Tilt-a-Bowl
14. Watermelon Set. Choose 2
15. Unicorn Platter
16. Lady Bug Hide-A-Way
17. Gnome/ Mushroom Plate
18. Pineapple Geometric Plate
19. May The Force
20. Yoda Sipping Soup Plate
21. Yoda Soup Mug
22. Mischief Managed Plate
23. HP Book Box
24. Hogwarts Crested Stein
25. HP Face Plate
26. Bubbled Cauldron
27. Hogwarts Letter Box
28. HP Galaxy Plate
29. HP Goblet
30. Pokemon Plate & Mug
31. Poop Emoji Plate
32. Emoji Plate & Mug
33. Two Emoji Bowls
34. Patriots Tray
35. Popcorn Bowl
36. Hangman Plate
37. Sailboat Server
38. Owl Tea Pot
39. Pheonix Plate
40. Acorn Jar (Large)
41. Star Wars Bowl
42. Harry Potter Bowl
43. Harry Potter Cube Holder
44. Harry Potter Castle Plate
45. Elephant Catch All
46. Llama Catch All
47. Cupcake Stand
48. Generic Dry Erase Count Down Plaque
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Wednesday: Glass or Mosaic or String Art

(Glass/Mosaic $40 individually; String Art $45 individually)

1. Unicorn Glass
2. Dragon Eye Glass
3. Eagle Glass
4. Whale Glass
5. Shark Glass
6. Mermaid Glass
7. Beach Glass
8. Anchor Glass
9. Heart Glass
10. Rainbow Curve Glass
11. Pot of Gold
12. Clover Glass
13. Pineapple Glass
14. LEGO Glass
15. Name Glass
16. Flower Glass
17. HP Glass
18. Watermelon Glass
19. Square Fruit Plaque Glass
20. Two Triangle Fruit Slices
22. Crab
23. Sunglass Emoji
24. Heart Eye Emoji
25. Boston
26. Harry Potter Crest
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1. Cactus String Art
2. Lion String Art
3. Fox String Art
4. Owl String Art
5. Unicorn String Art
6. Watermelon String Art
7. Ladybug String Art
8. Harry Potter String Art
9. HP Deathly Hallows String Art
10. Pumpkin String Art
11. Emoji Heart Eyes String Art
12. Toad Mario String Art
13. Captain America String Art
14. Whale String Art
15. Gnome String Art
16. Ice Cream String Art
17. Heart String Art
18. Dragon String Art
19. Palm Tree String Art
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Thursday: Canvas Painting ($36 individually)

1. Dolphin Sunset Canvas
2. Mermaid on Rock Canvas
3. Narwhal Canvas
4. Underwater Silhouette Canvas
5. Beach w/ Flip-Flops Canvas
6. Ice Cream Stack Canvas
7. Three Ice cream Cones Canvas
8. Starry Night Canvas
9. Eiffel Tower Canvas
10. Camp Fire Canvas
11. Dragonfly Canvas
12. Lightning Bugs/ Mason Jar Canvas
13. Lovely Ladybug Canvas
14. Ladybug Flower Canvas
15. Llama & Cactus Canvas
16. Flamingo Canvas
17. Elephant Safari Silhouette Canvas
18. Snow Leopard Canvas
19. Colorful Zebra Canvas
20. Emoji Canvas
21. Peace Sign Canvas
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Friday: Board Art or Mixed Media ($35-45 individually)

1. Hello Summer
2. Jawsome
3. Words
4. May The Force
5. Life is Better in Flip Flops
6. Mermaid at Heart
7. Love with Paw
8. Aloha
9. Summer w/ Watermelon
10. Mixed Media Mermaid
11. Unicorn Crossing
12. Dragon Crossing
13. HP Always Board
14. Hogwarts Castle Board
15. Let Freedom Ring
16. Six Emojis
17. Life is Better Dance
18. Basketball Life life
19. Football is Life
20. Hockey
21. Eat Sleep Game
22. Soccer Shoot Goals
23. Baseball Love
24. Gnome Sweet Gnome Board
25. Dance with Fairies Board
26. Sparkle like a Unicorn
27. Believe In Unicorns Board
28. Caution Dragon Board
29. Alohomora Key Holder
30. I Solemnly Swear
31. The Earth Without Art is Eh
32. Mischief Managed
33. Room Sign
34. Home Sweet Home
35. Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do
36. Create your own sunshine
37. Believe in Magic
38. Life is better with a cat
39. Dream Big LIttle One
40. life is better with a dog
41. Love feather arrows
42. dream love hope board art
43. Chase Your Dreams
44. sloth slow down
45. Sweet Life
46. A Balanced Diet
47. Eat Dessert First
48. Ice Cream Solves Everything
49. Watermelon Life is Sweet
50. Pineapple Aloha
51. Ice Cream Life is Sweet
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If you would rather do the projects on your own (and not be apart of the online group),

you still need to register using the button above. 

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